What’s Your Favourite Mobile OS?

I’ve been meaning to ask this for a while now. I’m not sure I can give an answer readily without seriously thinking through.

Gartner’s analysis of global smartphone sales in the 4th quarter of 2011 shows the Android operating system dominating market share with a little over 50%, with Apple’s iOS coming a distant 2nd at 23.8%. Of course the Apple OS has since moved up, according to recent statistics, taking a huge chunk from Android and RIM, and almost wiping out Symbian and Bada in the process. Then the WindowsPhone is quietly moving up. Thanks to Nokia and the Lumia phones.

Source: Nielsen (January 2012)

Let’s put figures apart and talk about what informs our decision in making a choice as to the OS you’re using at the moment.

So, what’s your favorite mobile OS?

Let’s talk about it. I’m waiting…

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Android’s Q1 2011 global sales hit 36 million, analyst reports

Android’s Q1 2011 global sales hit 36 million, analyst reports – http://pulsene.ws/1FdaN

And My Tab Broke


Not updated this blog in loooooong while.

Don’t ask me why? I guess there’s so much to blog about in this age of “information overload.” But never get around to sit down or stand up, since I’m practically on feet right now using my Galaxy Tab, to post updates.

I guess you’ve reading my other blog – http://www.zubbiesworld.com. That has been quite active for awhile now. Get over there and get inspired.

Back to what I has talking about…. So much has happened within the last couple of months I was off the radar – the launch of iPad2, the new Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9 (does size really matter? I still prefer my 7″ screen, if you ask me),  battle of the OSes (pardon me) – Apple vs Android, the much anticipated release of the Blackberry Playback and Motorola XOOM.

Today, I’m just gonna talk about the scary experience with my Galaxy Tab. I broke it. Yep, you heard me right – I BROKE THE SCREEN. Accidentally off course.

It was a Monday morning, and I was hurrying to be ready for work on time, then NEPA stuck. There was darkness, pitch darkness. I decided, against my “good judgment,” to use the flashlight app to feel my way to my car (there’s an app for everything, remember).

That was when the unexpected happen…

My precious Galaxy Tab fell out of its tattered wallet, fell on the concrete floor and…shattered the SCREEN. The result was an artistic and delicatly woven pattern that would have made Spiderman green with envy… OMG!

Well I managed to get through the morning with the  deluge of questions from my colleagues who knew that the Tab was my life. Because I practically live on it – my life just revolves around it – I send and receive emails, chat, tweet, Skpe, “ping”, blog, surf,  sms, call, etc, with my Tab.

Seeing I couldn’t carry on with my “normal life” I reluctantly called my friends at Samsung, and was told it’ll cost me a fortune, well almost, to fix it. And it’s the middle of the month (you know what that means, abi) hmmm.

That was when someone suggested an alternative. But at a lower and almost a salary-friendly cost. So I sent it for repairs and got it fix within 2 hours.

So that’s how I got my Tab (life) back but at a huge cost.

The XpressUrMobile Website is Finally Here


Finally the website is almost here…it’s taken me over a year to put together this site – xpressurmobile.com. During the early stages of preparation, I had all sorts of challenges and distractions…but somehow I got over them.

I’ll keep the story for another time.

The news is the website will hit your PC, Notebook, Tablet and mobile phone screens within the next seven days….(take my word on that), and it promises to give you the very best in news, reports, reviews, previews, updates, opinions on everything you need to keep your mobile world an “expression.”

Also there’ll be an apps section for your download right to your PC or mobile phone.

I know you’ll be wondering what happens to this blog. I’ll keep the blog going…and you won’t miss those juicy news and tips.

So get ready for the ride of your life as your bookmark this site – http://www.xpressurmobile.com.

Mobile Number Portability (MNP): Will It Ever Work in Nigeria?

Yesterday,  India went live with Mobile Number Portability (MNP) after so many frustrating years of waiting. It was greeted much joy and euphoria…. in less then 2 hours over 10,00 subscribers ported their phones to other networks.

What is mobile number portability (MNP)? Mobile number portability (MNP) is the process of transferring (porting) your mobile phone number from one mobile phone network provider to another. You may want to do this if you wish to sign up to a new mobile phone provider and keep your original mobile phone number, thus saving you the inconvenience of updating your contacts with your new telephone number. Mobile number porting is becoming increasingly popular worldwide due to the savings that can be made by switching mobile phone providers in order to get a better mobile phone tariff or service.

So many countries and Europe, Middle East and Asia, with a couple of countries in Africa already adopting it.

It was announced last May that it will come on stream in Nigeria. According to the tele­coms regulator, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) it was supposed to be introduced in the second-half of last year. So far nothing has been said about its take-off date. Why mum of the issue?

Feelers from the Telcom operators show that it is not high on their agenda for 2011. So when exactly will it come on stream?

Will they allow it work in Nigeria?

eTranzact Scores Another First

eTranzact International PLC has, in a bid to improve access to mobile banking services to all mobile users in Nigeria without the limitation of the make and model of their mobile handsets, introduced its new global USSD platform.

The first of its kind in Nigeria, the interactive Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) enables all network and mobile phones to utilize eTranzact menu-generated mobile banking applications by sending a text message to a short code and the application pops up on the mobile phone.

According to Mr. Richard Omoniyi, the Group Head Technology of eTranzact, “with the USSD on our platform, GSM subscribers on all network can now enjoy easy mobile banking services because the services is very simple , user-friendly, common and acceptable on all kind of phones. eTranzact is the only e-payment provider in the country that enable payment solution via your mobile phones.”

The eTranzact mobile banking and payment solution provides users services such as Funds Transfers to any bank account or ATM cards or mobile phone using the ATM CardlexCash service, Bills payment – any Cable TV bills, PHCN bills, Postpaid bills, Airtime TopUp of any GSM/CDMA network, Check account or card balance etc. With the ATM CardlexCash service, you can send money anytime, anywhere to a third party’s mobile phone and the funds can be withdrawn at any ATM machine without the use of a physical ATM card.

Mr. Omoniyi re-iterated, “As a mobile banking and payment solution provider we are leveraging on the functionality to provide mobile banking services to all mobile phone users. So, users can simply get their mobile banking applications from their banks. The eTranzact Mobile Banking is a global service and can work outside and within the country. This is in line with the company’s vision to be a global leader in providing innovative mobile payment services.”

eTranzact Mobile banking solution currently provides its services to major banks in Nigeria, which includes; United Bank of Africa, First Bank, Intercontinental Bank , Access Bank, Oceanic Bank, First City Monument Bank, Fidelity Bank, Union Bank, Skye Bank, Spring Bank, and Wema Bank.

Lagos Hosts Mobile Web West Africa

Come February 2nd and 3 rd, Lagos, Nigeria will host one of the biggest mobile web conferences in AfricaMobile Web West Africa (MWWA). The event which is designed to pull together the best of West Africa’s mobile web and app developers resources is the 2nd in the series organized by All Amber, after successfully hosting it at Nairobi, Kenya last year. The theme of this year’s conference is  “Harnessing the Potential of the Internet and Applications on Mobile Devices.”

The conference which is a dual event  will afford attendees the opportunity to get first class information on trends on mobile web, and a forum for interaction. MWWA, Lagos  is designed to bring together the major stakeholder groups to connect, listen to the individuals who are leading developments and discuss the future direction of the evolution on roundtables.  It will offer Mobile Start Up Companies and Mobile Developers subsidises to attend to enable this.

The conference will hold at the prestigious Eko Hotel & Suites in Lagos .

Speakers at the conference include:

  • Nicholas Heller, New Business Development, Google EMEA
  • Obi Asika, Chairman & CEO, Storm 360
  • ‘Gbenga Sesan, Executive Director, Paradigm Initiative Nigeria
  • Stephen Newton, Vice President & Managing Director, InMobi Africa
  • Yomi Adegboye, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, MobilityNigeria.com
  • Jose Henriques, Chief Marketing Officer, Unitel
  • Ken Banks, Founder, kiwanja.net
  • Alex Meisl, Chairman, Sponge
  • Loy Okezie, Head, StartUps Nigeria
  • Russell Southwood, Editor, Balancing Act
  • Steve Vosloo, Fellow, 21st Century Learning, Shuttleworth Foundation
  • Emeka Okoye, CEO, Vikantti Nigeria / Mobile App Engineer, StorySpaces.org
  • Simon Leps, Chief Executive Officer, Fontera
  • Mohamed Diaby, Consultant and Tech Analyst, DiabyMohamed.com

For further information and registration, visit: http://www.mobilewestafrica.com/register.html


Another Samsung Gift!

This post is long overdue… would have posted this right on the morning of December 27, 2010 when I got another surprise Samsung gift. Since I hardly do mobile phone reviews, I set it aside. But I’m feeling like letting you in on this.

Ok…. I got this Samsung B5722 phone from Okey, my computer village mobile phone supplier. He graciously give it to me in the spirit of the season (I’m sure in anticipation of something bigger coming from me).

Well…. initially I thought to myself, “what do I do with this?”  But the pack held a another surprise – a dual SIM!  If you know me too well, I’m not a fan of the dual-SIM technology. I reluctantly unboxed the phone and inserted a couple of SIM – Etisalat and Airtel…. and I’ve refused to put it down since then.

The Samsung B5722 is not only a dual SIM but also a touchscreen mobile phone. It comes equipped with advanced features like a full Querty keyboard, 3.2 megapixel camera with flash, FM radio, DNSe and internet. A dedicated key is provided to easy access to the dual SIM functionality of the phone. The Dual SIM lets you handle both Official and personal world on a single phone securely.

The Samsung B5722 is quite “good-looking”, nicely designed and sleek. It comes in Black, Dark Brown and Pink. It weighs around 105grams. It also comes with a 2.8 inch QVGA touch screen, which offers resolution of 240 x 320 pixels and supports 256K colours. The sun legibility is relatively good.

Perhaps the most exciting thing for me is that  Samsung B5722 runs on a Samsung’s TouchWiz Lite v1.0. The TouchWiz offers simple, easy and convenient user interface. Navigating the phone is quite easy. It is solid and gives the sturdy feel in the hand, and fits nicely into the pocket.

The music player supports most of the popular music formats such as MP3, eAAC+, MP4, and WMA. And music quality is awesome.

The B5722 does social media well – whether you want to Twitter, Facebook, use Google Talk for instant messaging, or send an email, the interface makes this all effortless.

I’m truly impressed with its performance and I’m keeping it.

Year of Mobile Money in Nigeria

Definitely Nigeria is at the threshold of a  mobile money transfer and payment (MMTP) system, and is said to be potentially more profound than the arrival of mobile phones in the country in 2001, but this time sweeping and exponential.

Recently, CBN granted mobile banking license to 16 companies, and the race has begun…. A lot of marketing activities is going on to define the mobile banking space within the next few months….



Is 2011 the Year of the Tablets?

This year began with the unveiling of the much-anticipated iPad from Apple. A few months later over 13 million the Apple gadget has been sold.

Then entered the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the closest competition to the iPad, in terms of features and capabilities – the Android operating system powered tablet has sold over a million worldwide.

Also, RIM is putting finishing touches to the highly-anticipated Blackberry Playbook. They’ve announced that the Playbook book will join the tablet market early next year. And has been touted as being more efficient than the iPad.

And in-between, there’s been Ovim and other Android-powered Tablets.

Are consumers gradually shift to tablets?

What do you think?